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Lip filler

Lip filler

Lip filler – what is it?

Lips come in all sizes and shapes  . But if you want to change that, it can be done in a matter of minutes!

Lip fillers are done with the help of HA fillers, a substance that is very similar to the body’s own collagen, and hence it looks and feels totally natural!

Lips can be made to look fuller, or have a more defined shape, or one can get rid of the unsightly lip wrinkles that make the lips look dry and rough, in spite of the best lip balms and lipsticks!

The procedure takes less than half an hour, is painless, and has no ‘down time’, which means you can simply walk out of the clinic with awesome-looking lips!
No cuts, no stitches, just beautiful lips!

Whether you want a pout, or just smoother, softer lips, or simply lips that have a more clear definition, lip – filler is the thing to go for.
The effects lasts for around a year.

Surprisingly, it is not just females who go for lip fillers. Many males end up with dull, dry lips as a result of smoking or exposure to pollution and dust, and we do fillers for them to have healthy-looking lips.

Men and women of all age groups can get this done. Just make sure it is done by an expert, so as to get that natural shape and perfect symmetry.

Why come to Waves Wellness for this?
Well, I, Dr.Gunjan Shah will be doing your lip filler. I have done this for hundreds of people including my own mother (see attached pictures)

So don’t make up, wake up!

For information on procedure and pricing, call Waves Wellness
Prahladnagar – 8905445511
Navrangpura – 7878445511

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