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About Us

About Waves Wellness

Waves Wellness is a premiere skin, hair and body care center in Ahmedabad. We provide result-oriented treatments and services including laser hair reduction, acne treatments, removal of dark spots and pigmentation, hair loss and hair fall treatments. Our aim is to bring to you the latest technologies in skin and hair care, and so we constantly upgrade our facilities to adhere to the highest standards of international level. With 4 US FDA approved LASERs including Diode in-motion and Tribeam Premium (1st time in India), our cutting edge facilities will satisfy you totally. Our pleasant ambience and courteous , highly trained dermatologists, cosmetologists and our support staff will make you feel like a guest, rather than a client.

We respect your privacy and have designed our clinics in a way that will protect your identity and provide you absolute comfort at all times.

Visit us once, to experience the difference in service quality, result delivery and overall comfort.

We Specialize in

Areas we are expertised in

Hair Transplant by Latest Technique

Proper hairline designing is done by our experts, based on your individual requirement and after detailed analysis of your specific needs and hair quality. Our doctors will study your overall health and causes of hairloss, to aim not just at replacing the lost hair but also for preventing further hair loss.

  •  Painless procedure & assured results in all cases
  •  FUE & strip method : both available
  •  Implantation with patented implanters
  •  Cumulative experience of doctors of more than 25 years
  •  Large number of hair in single session, with combination techniques


Our Process


We care about your skin and want to give the best results that suit your skin. Before deciding the treatment, there will be a thorough skin analysis by a Doctor who specializes in skin and hair treatments, who will take a detailed history regarding your product use, skin concerns, past treatments and other medical conditions etc. This will help in a wholesome understanding of your skin, hair and body, and will enable us to suggest relevant and result-oriented services and products.


We take our time to make your skin ready for the treatments. This preparation time will be utilized to get any medical reports and start certain creams/tablets that will prepare your skin for best results of the treatments to follow. This reduces your overall treatment period and also helps in giving your better results in fewer sessions.


The actual treatment will be scheduled keeping in mind your lifestyle, social exposure, sun exposure and work schedule. A tentative time-table will be prepared for your treatments so that you can plan in advance. These treatments will be in sync with the medication and home use products prescribed to you and will directly target your problem/issue.

Post treatment Care

Regular post treatment follow up and care will be done by our team of qualified counsellors and Dermatologists, and the treatments will be customised as per the requirement of each person, because each individual has unique skin and hair and fixed packages might not suit individual needs. Your concerns/queries will be attended to and the necessary modification, if required, according do your response will be made by the Dermatologist.

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Our Most Popular Services

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Full Body Laser Hair Reduction (females)
Rs. 17499
  • All body areas included
  • Painless diode LASER
  • Treatment by certified female therapist
  • Proven results
Full Body Laser Hair Reduction (males)
Rs. 19999
  • All body areas included
  • Painless diode LASER
  • Treatment by certified male therapist
  • Proven results
Hair loss Treatment
Rs. 29300
  • 24 sessions
  • 1 year validity
  • Treatment by doctors
  • Proven scientific results